Transport Companies

1. In the transport company's booking portal, you will receive all request send by MedyFi partners and app users, which you can forward them to your drivers with just a few clicks.

Faster booking / less phone calls

Relieve your employees and phone line by no longer making annoying phone calls, rather simply and quickly forward trips to your drivers without prior input.

Better accessibility

Thanks to Medyfi network, you can now be reached 24/7. You receive trip requests in the system regardless of day and time. Just accept your assignments as soon as your shift starts.

Drivers and driver app

Drivers will now receive all the necessary information on their MedyFi Driver app and heading their way…

Quality by MedyFi

Benefits that differentiate you as a MedyFi partner:

  • 24/7 connection with hospitals and private users
  • Better accessibility for transport companies
  • Punctuality
  • Relief nursing staff through the MedyFi portal in hospitals and nursing homes
  • Coaching, training and seminars for your drivers
  • Driver ratings for private users
  • Shift and working hours
  • Advertisement for your company
  • Statistics and much more


Evaluate your data to be to work in a success-oriented way


Through a comprehensive list of statistics such as:

  • Trips
  • Revenue
  • Shift times
  • Accepted/missed bookings
  • Cancelled transactions etc.

Market opportunities

Stand out by using all the opportunities to attract customers and thus be prioritized by customers.

While may other still receive phone request, you are already a step ahead.

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