Book NEMT rides with MedyFi

Place a trip request through MedyFi by entering the required details. Your order will be forwarded to the nearest transport company...

Convenient and fast without phone calls

  • Easy to use, few clicks
  • Fast booking
  • transport information in advance
  • transport statistics
  • Favorite places
  • emergency button / contacts
  • driver ratings etc.

Transport companies

The information will be received and forwarded to the transport companies...

Trip requests assured to be received

Trip requests that companies do not respond to or reject within a period of time will be forwarded to the nearest transporter.


The driver now receives all the necessary information.

Quality by MedyFi

What differentiates MedyFi partners and their drivers:

24/7 connection with hospitals, healthcare facilities and private users

  • Acceptance may take place during shift times
  • Better accessibility
  • Punctuality
  • Reliefing the nursing staff through the MedyFi portal in hospitals and nursing homes
  • Trained drivers
  • Driver ratings for private users

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